Seeking God

Motive #1:

[Seeking God] was the end of our creation. We do not live merely to live, but for this end were we sent into the world to seek God. Nature is sensible of it in part by the dissatisfaction it finds in other things, and therefore the apostle describes the Gentiles to be groping and feeling about for God (Acts 17.27). God is the cause of all things, and nature cannot be satisfied without him. We were made for God, and can never enjoy satisfaction until we come to enjoy him; therefore the Psalmist [says], “We are all gone aside, and altogether become filthy” (Psalm 14.3). Nature is out of joint, we are quite out of our way to true happiness. We are seeking that for which we were created when we seek and inquire after God.

– Thomas Manton, One Hundred and Ninety Sermons on The Hundredth and Nineteenth Psalm, Volume I (Carlisle, PA; The Banner of Truth Trust, 1990), 18-19.


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