Seeking God: Motive #2

We seek other things that we want with great solicitude and care, and we are cumbered with much serving to obtain the world, and shall anything be sought more than God? We can least spare him. The chiefest good should be sought after with the chiefest care, and chiefest love, and chiefest delight, nothing should be so precious to us as God. It is the greatest baseness that can be, that anything should take up our time, our thoughts, and content us more than God. When we come to God we are earnest for other things. “They howl upon their beds for corn and wine” (Hos. 7.14). If anything be sought from God above God, more than God, and not for God, it is but a brutish cry.

– Thomas Manton, One Hundred and Ninety Sermons on The Hundredth and Nineteenth Psalm, vol. I (Carlisle, PA; The Banner of Truth Trust, 1990), 19.


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