Seeking God: Motive #4

If you do not sensibly find God, yet comfort [yourself] that [you are] in a seeking way, and in the pursuit of him. God’s people are described ‘to be the generation of them that seek him’ (Psalm 24.6). This is the true mark of God’s chosen people, they make it their business to get the favour of God, and to wrestle through discouragements. It is better to be a seeker than a wanderer. Though we do not feel the love of God, nor have the comfort of a pardon, have no sensible communion with him, yet the choice and bent of the heart is towards him, and you have the character of God’s people upon you. 

– Thomas Manton, One Hundred and Ninety Sermons on The Hundredth and Nineteenth Psalm, vol. I (Carlisle, PA; The Banner of Truth Trust, 1990), 19-20.


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