Augustine — On Seeking God

I sought the way to get the strength to be able to enjoy you, but I did not find it until I embraced the mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who is above all things, God for ever blessed; he who cries out and says, I am the way and the truth and the life; who mixes with flesh the food that I was too weak to receive — for the Word became flesh so that your Wisdom, through which you have created all things might nourish us in our infancy like milk. I did not humbly hold on to my God, Jesus the humble, nor did I know what his weakness had to teach me. For your Word, eternal Truth, towers over the highest parts of your creation and lifts up to himself those that submit to him; but in the lower parts of it he has built for himself a house of our clay, through which to bring men down from themselves and draw them to him to be brought into submission. He heals the swelling of their pride and nurses their love, so that they should not trust in themselves and depart from him, but seeing before their feet the weakness of the Godhead who shares in our clothing of skin might themselves be made weak, and cast themselves in exhaustion upon him; and he, rising, might raise them up.

Augustine, The Confessions [7.18.24]


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