The Father I Never Had: Poetic-Autobiographic Fragment #2

The Father I Never Had

Bowing before you, the Father I never had,
I kneel down on trembling knees,
Soaking my useless hands and feet
In the sweat and tears drained from yesterday’s defeat.

So here I am, Father,
Hopelessly collapsed to this ground of selfless adoration.
I now bow before your extraordinary presence.
Praying solemnly, and asking for your guidance.

Help me become the unique and beloved man
You planned for me to be.
Shape me into the bold Christian for everyone to see.
Mold me into the elite example many of your cherished
Children are striving to be.
Sculpt me into the softhearted man
Sharing the unique gifts you gave unto me.

Open my eyes, Father.
Show me the righteous path
In which my new journey begins
And the crooked, narrow road
Of my painful past now ends.

So now I walk, Father,
Traveling onward toward the path
In which you lovingly lead me.
Though I know there will be
Forks and barriers along the way,
Only to remind me of the Father I never had,
Someone who picked me up and dried me off,
Telling me he loves me
And he’ll always be my Daddy.

JT Caldwell [10 years ago: B.C. (<-believe it, or not.)]


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