Christian: Are you a fighter or a drifter? — Join a Fight Club!

In his recent book, Fight Clubs: Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Jonathan Dodson contends that the Christian life is a fight against drifting from the message you have heard.

Here’s a blurb:

If you’ve struggled to follow Jesus by veering away from the gospel into duty-bound legalism or moralistic indifference, then this book is for you! Fight Clubs is a radical call to fight the fight of faith in the strength of the gospel. In it Jonathan Dodson calls us to join the fight against sin, legalism, and license by looking to Christ and His gospel. Fight Clubs equips us to fight by exposing the fleeting promises of sin and drawing us into the grace-saturated promises of God. Displacing defective forms of discipleship, Dodson keeps the gospel at the center by tapping into various layers of biblical motivations to promote joyful obedience to Christ. He also provides a strategy to fight sin as the church, small fighting communities called Fight Clubs. Read this book; form a “fight club”; and start fighting in the joy of the gospel.

Let’s fight the good fight of the faith. Get the book. Join (or, start) a Fight Club. And, along with your fellow-fighters, take hold of the One who has taken hold of you.

[Update: Here’s a very helpful review by Steve McCoy, of Fight Clubs.]


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