Christ as Redeemer-Counselor: Face-to-Face with You and Your Spouse

Christ counsels husband and wife face-to-face. He points them to Ephesians 5. He says, “Husband, love your wife in the same manner in which I demonstrated my love for the church, my bride, by giving myself up for her. You love your own body, right? You nourish and cherish your body. Love your wife in the same way. Do not neglect her. Wash her with the washing of water by means of my word. Pray for her and with her. Your wife is your most intimate neighbor. Therefore, love her as you love yourself. When you are both filled by Spirit, you will indeed make melody to me with all your heart. Your marriage will then be a symphonic sacrifice to me, holy and pleasing. Wife, in the same manner in which I am head of the church, my body, your husband is your authority. This means that he takes his cue from me in how he must serve and lead you. So, as the church submits to me, you also must lovingly and humbly submit to your husband in everything. Husband and wife, when quarrels and fights arise between yourselves, realize it is because of the passions that are at war within you. With the help of the Spirit, you must put them to death, that you may live well with each other, and look eagerly to each other’s interests more than your own, as they reflect the wisdom of your Father in heaven.”


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