Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Confessions of Faith

The highlighted question I want to ask both Roman Catholics and Protestants is this: What (or, who) are you clinging to as your greatest and deepest source of refuge, joy, and security in life as well as in death?

The answer to this question is where both orthopraxy and orthodoxy meet. My point here relates to a similar concern addressed here. Great reformed thinkers can live and breathe and believe all the right things, and still not be truly converted. (Here, I am addressing the nature of faith; though, I will go no further now.) After all, the devil and his demons believe the facts of the gospel (1 Cor 15), yet they quake at their pending judgment (James 2).

So, yes, some RCs can truly be converted while not having all their so-called theological ducks in a row; and some Protestants are not necessarily converted just because they seemingly do have all their “solas” straight. The experiential answer (as it meets God’s self-revealing truth in Christ — 2 Cor 4) to the aforementioned question by each person no matter their verbal confession, will in the end show on what (or, on whom) their truest and deepest allegiance really depends. In other words, no matter our verbal confession of allegiance, there just might be an idol dug down deep in our hearts that is the heavier weight, as prized over and above that confessed treasure.


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