Lovelace: Dynamics of Spiritual Life

I. Preconditions of Renewal: Preparation for the Gospel

A. Awareness of the holiness of God { his justice / his love

B. Awareness of the depth of sin { in your own life / in your community


II. Primary Elements of Renewal: Depth Presentation of the Gospel

A. Justification: You are accepted —–> in Christ

B. Sanctification: You are free from bondage to sin —–> in Christ

C. The indwelling Spirit: You are not alone —–> in Christ

D. Authority in spiritual conflict: You have authority —–> in Christ


III. Secondary Elements of Renewal: Outworking of the Gospel in the Church’s Life

A. Mission: following Christ into the world, presenting his gospel { in proclamation / in social demonstration

B. Prayer: expressing dependence on the power of his Spirit { individually / corporately

C. Community: being in union with his body { in microcommunities / in macrocommunities

D. Disenculturation: being freed from cultural binds {destructive / protective

E. Theological Integration: having the mind of Christ { toward revealed truth / toward your culture

From Dynamics of Spiritual Life: An Evangelical Theology of Renewal by Richard Lovelace


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