My Story in Snippets (Part 3)

Continued from Part 2: ~ Key factors that have shaped who I am and what I believe ~

  • Biblical Counseling: In 2003, while a part of PCPC, there were some things surfacing from my past which I had not yet learned to deal with, and were subsequently affecting my relationships. I began to meet with one of our pastors, who was then teacher of our Good Shepherd’s Sunday School class. He counseled me with the Scriptures and a book by Ed Welch, entitled When People are Big and God is Small. This was my initial exposure to true Biblical counseling. Since then, I have continued to profit from such examples of counseling in everyday life from the Scriptures, especially through the ministry of CCEF.
  • Desire for Community: Between 2002-2004, I lived with three to four other guys (sometimes varied in number). Within the same apartment complex, lived a few other friends from Criswell College and PCPC. Each Sunday, a group of us would cram into one car and head to the worship gathering. Throughout the week, as well, we would often enjoy times of dinner together, along with a movie, board games, and/or studies. While I did love such times of community, an inner frustration existed, causing me to yearn for something more, and asking what true Biblical community really looked like.
  • The Arts: Ever since I was about thirteen years old, I loved to express myself creatively through writing. After coming to Christ, a certain tension arose from within me, which pitted Christianity against the arts (or, vice versa). Early on, I had not heard much encouragement from the church (at large) toward the continual cultivation of creativity for Christ’s sake. Yet, God has shown me through the past few years that we are called to create beautifully and realistically through Christ, as we were created in and are being renewed after the image of our Creator.

To be cont’d…



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