My Story in Snippets (Part 5)

Continued from Part 4: ~ Key factors that have shaped who I am and what I believe ~

  • Theological-Centricities: Along with the necessity of being God-centered in all of life, I am learning that this is not enough. Christ Jesus and his sacrificial work is the center of the whole Bible and all of history. He gives clarity to the meaning and mysteries of life, such as human suffering, for example. Jesus has met me in some of my darkest days, showing me more of himself and holding fast to me, enabling me to hold fast to him.
  • Family Life: My own family background along with the Scriptures has shown me the utter importance of strong spiritual leadership on the part of the father. My father has been a truck driver since I was really little, which has kept him away from home and family for the majority of my life. Aside from being an unbeliever, he has most often defaulted leadership to my mother. My mother worked fulltime during all of my childhood and teen years, leaving my siblings and me to watch over and care for each other (and, try not to burn down the house!). These factors have also pointed me to the need to learn about and strive for Biblical manhood and womanhood (respectively) in my own life, marriage, and family.
  • Language: The manner in which we communicate with one another is profoundly important. I am a very analytical thinker. This carries over into how I aim to carefully communicate with others, either in writing or face-to-face. I don’t know how long I have been or thought this way. Perhaps it partially comes from growing up with a father who is generally a silent man, not willing to communicate anything other than superficial subjects such as the weather or truck driving. Thinking before I speak can become both a virtue and a vice for me. As a virtue, it helps me to listen well so that I can respond properly. As a vice, I can often tend to wait too long before I respond, and in effect lose the opportunity to say what should have been said. Jesus’ words, “From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” continue to shape and challenge me in all areas of life.

The end, for now…

Q: What key factors in your own life have shaped who you are and what you believe? What’s your personal story of how God has shaped you?


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