God’s Good News (and how it matters)

The good news is that God sent his only Son, Jesus, into this world to die for our sins; and then he was buried, and rose from the grave, ascending to the right hand of the Father, where he gloriously reigns with all authority over all things, and giving the Spirit to those who are his. Jesus will soon return to judge those still alive and those already dead; and, thereafter, he will make all things new for the sake of his people and the glory of God. This Gospel includes, but is not limited to these stated facts; this means that these acts of Christ should lead us to the joyfully obedient embracing of the Triune God in all of life.

How the Good News matters in my own life:

Personally: God accepts me because of the righteousness of his own Son’s person and work, and not anything I do. This means my significance comes from Jesus alone. God’s Gospel aims to guard my heart against things such as perfectionism, legalism, pride, discouragement, licentiousness, laziness, and things like these, that can tend to arise in the course of my life, ministry, and studies.

Interpersonally: In my own marriage, the Gospel is a tough and tender reminder that as Jesus gave himself up for his Bride, I also am to sacrificially serve my wife and cleanse her with the living Word. When the world, my flesh, and the devil attempt to grab my heart’s affection for their own deformed loves, the Gospel continues to remove the blinders from my heart’s eyes, renew my mind after the image of my Redeemer, and lovingly remind me of my first Love.

In sum, the Gospel itself is a weapon in the Triune Redeemer’s hands to help me fight this lifelong fight for joyful faith in him.

In other relationships, the Gospel reminds me that as God has and continues to accept me in Christ, I also am to lovingly accept others in the Lord. As well, since God has accepted me in his Son, I must not worry or fear as to whether or not others accept me, especially when I aim to please him in all things.

In Mission: The Gospel of the Triune God is a missional Gospel. As the Father sent the Son into our world to redeem sinners, so also, the Son sent us in this world to embody and proclaim the good news with the help of the Spirit to fellow sinners. This is indeed easier to declare than to do. At the present moment, this Gospel is propelling me to go wherever I must go, to learn how to live out its implications. The Gospel is urging me to slow down in my studies in order to be immersed in the imperfect culture of Spirit-led communities on mission.

This Good News is trustworthy, reliable and deserving of our heart’s embrace, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.


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