Conversion: And There Was Light!

Q: What is your understanding of conversion?

A: Conversion is something that happens to a person, as originating from the living God. That “something” that God does, enables the spiritually blind and affectionately apathetic person to see and know and love God and his ways. Conversion is a moment of change as well as a two-step process of action and reaction. The blink-of-an-eye moment of change can be so subtle and surprising that it is often difficult to describe. When God said “Let there be light,” on the first day of his creation-spree, light just happened and things became visible to the natural eye. So also, when God shines his light of the message of the gospel of his only Son into the heart of the unbeliever, the Holy Spirit causes once-blind eyes to open and see and know and love God and his gospel. That immediately-turned unbeliever to believer sees his or her own need for God and the gospel. The gracious action of God in the heart of the unbeliever causes a profound and immediate reaction: wholehearted belief in the one true God and wholehearted turning away from his or her own rebellious ways. The once-unbeliever has been deeply changed by a Person (the Triune God) from one kind of person (enemy) to another (adopted child), who now has a progressively new set of affections within his or her new set of lenses.


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