Jonathan Edwards on ‘The Fight’

I would advise you to keep up as great a strife and earnestness in [Christianity] in all aspects of it, as you would do if you knew yourself to be in a state of nature and you were seeking conversion. We advise persons under convictions to be extremely earnest for the kingdom of heaven, but when they have attained conversion they ought not to be the less watchful, laborious, and earnest in the whole work of [Christianity], but the more; for they are under infinitely greater obligations. For lack of this, many persons in a few months after their conversion have begun to lose the sweet and lively sense of spiritual things, and to grow cold and flat and dark. They have pierced themselves through with many sorrows, whereas if they had done as the Apostle did in Philippians 3.12-14, their path would have been as the shining light, which shines more and more unto the perfect day.

From Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions And Advice to Young Converts.


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