Missional-Theological Education: Theological Centricities

It is not enough to be Bible-centered, that is, to base one’s life and missional-theological education centrally on the Bible. Unless Christ Jesus and his Gospel are the life and breath of one’s reading and rendering of the Book, all such theological education is done in vain (1). The present philosophy of missional education, therefore, aims in all its endeavors for Gospel-centeredness. In addition to being Gospel-centered and Bible-saturated, this missional-theological education is God-centered (2), as it aims to glorify God in Christ and through his Spirit in all its theory and praxis.


(1) In Jesus’ day, he often rebuked the Jewish religious leaders for their embracing of the Scriptures apart from the Christ of the Scriptures. See, for example,  Jn 5.39-40; Rom 10.1-4. Further, perhaps a Bible-saturated theological education is a more apt description of the present proposal. That is, the Bible ought to permeate every aspect of one’s habits of mind and heart in the learning process.

(2) As sinful human beings, having (merely) a Gospel-centered focus can tend to create an anthropocentric image of God, rather than a God-centered image of God. The reasoning for such an emphasis lies not primarily in the Scriptural imperatives of doing “all to the glory of God” (1 Cor 10.31), for example. Such emphasis is derived from the Scriptural indicatives of God’s passionate pursuit of his own glory. E.g., Isa 48.9-11.


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