Pursuing Beauty: Study & Worship the Trinity

The first order of application for most of us is this–to make contemplation of the Trinity a part of our spiritual lives. Many of us affirm the existence of the Trinity but go for years without studying it. Many of our churches, unfortunately, do little to help us in this area. We will never fully understand it, of course. but merely beginning to study it will greatly help us to comprehend the magnificence and multifaceted beauty of the Godhead. Many of us are captivated by paltry, shallow things because we have been fed a diet of fluffy media and airy preaching and spend very little time and energy looking into transcendent realities. Yet if we will allow it to do so, the Trinity as laid out in Scripture will blow our socks off. Let us work to address and changes this situation and study the doctrine of the Trinity in the Bible. Books like Bruce Ware’s Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and Robert Letham’s The Holy Trinity will help us to do so and to worship the Trinity with knowledge and insight.

From Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney’s Jonathan Edwards on Beauty (The Essential Edwards Collection, 2nd of 5).

(Stay tuned, as I hope to review this excellent set of primers to Jonathan Edwards’s life and thought in the coming months!)


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