Edwards’s Doctrine of Redemption

Edwards’s doctrine of redemption answers the problem raised in his account of the fall. In the fall, humankind lost not only an innocent standing before God, but also the Holy Spirit of God that had been infused into them as a holy supernatural principle of life. For fallen humanity to be redeemed, it needs to be declared righteous–that is, to secure a righteousness that includes both remission of sin as well as a positive righteousness imputed–and needs to have holiness (the Holy Spirit) infused as a new principle. For Edwards, Christ’s life, from incarnation to resurrection, is the culminating work of God to address this lack in sinful humanity. What Edwards posits is a Trinitarian movement to redeem based on the idea of ‘purchase.’

From “By Word and Spirit: Jonathan Edwards on Redemption, Justification, and Regeneration” by Kyle Strobel in Jonathan Edwards and Justification



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